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The dhnet serves as the home base for the National Center for Dental Hygiene Research & Practice (NCDHRP or Center) and your connection to research resources that support dental hygiene education, practice and research. Within each of the sections there are several categories and quick links to major resources for your convenience. Also, each section has links to training programs, many of which are online and can be accessed at your convenience. Learn more about the Center and our research projects, educational and faculty development programs, and opportunities for you to volunteer to be part of studies in the About Us section.

We also have a created the DHNetwork for all those interested in research, from the novice or beginner just getting interested in research through those with extensive research experience. Click on Network to join and later begin to explore commonalities in research interests, learn from each other about new and ongoing research programs, and participate in collaborative efforts to systematically and purposefully advance dental hygiene practice and education through research.